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No project is too complex, time consuming, or challenging for the team at Electric Plus, Inc. Since 2006, our award-winning company has grown to serve a diverse range of clients and industries throughout Greater Indianapolis and the State of Indiana.

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Industries We Serve

As leaders in innovative electrical contracting, we deliver quality, custom solutions for large and small-scale projects. Whether you’re renovating or constructing a new facility from the ground up, we have the experience to drive quality results with superior craftsmanship.

The agriculture industry is prominent across Indiana, and the team at Electric Plus, Inc. has experience working with agricultural owners, businesses, and organizations across the state. With our understanding of the different environments and conditions your company faces on a daily basis, we can connect agriculture owners with the right electrical equipment. We’ll customize your project and work closely with you to optimize your electrical system, equipment, and materials.

The commercial market is wide ranging with various types of businesses and customers. We work to understand each unique business and address their critical needs. From installing new wiring to handling their low voltage communication and security systems, we customize every project to minimize interruptions and streamline their daily operations amidst construction.

Correctional Facilities
From county jails to state prisons and federal penitentiaries, Electric Plus, Inc. has worked in many correctional facilities across Indiana. We understand the inherent risks involved in a correctional facility and the need to uphold the highest level of safety in a facility’s electric, lighting, and security systems. We can install security systems, complete electrical upgrades, retrofit any facility’s lighting system, and much more.
We perform electrical work in all educational facilities, from elementary schools to universities. We can install electrical and communication systems in renovated or newly constructed facilities. We understand the concerns of working around students and faculty. That’s why we work closely with the administration, following all necessary guidelines to ensure the highest level of safety for all.
Food Processing

Electric Plus, Inc. works in various food processing plants across Indiana. We handle industrial control installations, renovations, control retrofits, new construction projects, and more. We maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and safety in all that we do. We have 24/7 service available to ensure timely operation and repairs for facilities that operate around the clock.


Electric Plus, Inc. works in all types of government facilities, including court houses and government centers. We understand the complicated financing and budgeting required for government work, and our team is happy to discuss budgets for future projects. We use BIM and trimble technology to identify savings potential and areas where new and alternative methods can be implemented.

Hospitals & Health Care
We understand the critical nature of electrical work in hospitals and health care facilities. That’s why we complete a thorough overview of these facilities to better understand their electrical and power systems. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to create simulated models of these facilities and custom solutions. We also adhere to the highest levels of cleanliness and safety during our projects to protect patients and hospital staff.
We perform industrial electrical installations at different facilities across Indiana. From high voltage cable splicing, switchgear replacements to security system upgrades, our electricians have the experience to handle your facility’s control and high voltage systems. We understand the importance of safety in facilities and work closely with plant safety managers to ensure all measures are taken to prevent accidents.

Fuel stations and petroleum businesses require a high skill set when it comes to handling their electrical systems. Our electrical contractors and workers have experience working in these environments. Whether we’re installing a new system, handling dangerous equipment, or completing maintenance servicing, we adhere to the highest levels of safety to minimize the risk of fires, explosions, and accidents on these job sites. All personnel entering production and storage facilities are trained in required measures of safety.

We perform general electric work, process equipment installations, control upgrades, and new electrical construction in pharmaceutical facilities. We understand the need for cleanliness in pharmaceutical environments, which is why we train our employees on how to adhere to health and safety guidelines. We also perform temperature control services, alarm system installations, low-to-high voltage electrical work, and telecommunications engineering.
Solar Energy
Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging
The transportation industry relies heavily on electricity, and here at Electric Plus, Inc., we work closely with independent and government transportation agencies. From light pole installations to underground feed work and railroad service work, there’s no shortage of ways we can take care of all your electrical needs.

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