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Electric Plus, Inc. offers a variety of electric services for industrial, residential, and commercial projects. With locations in Avon, Lafayette, Kokomo, and Bloomington, IN, we serve clients in all industries throughout Indiana and the Midwest.

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What We Do

We’re all about innovation and utilizing state-of-the-art technology to drive results-driven solutions with your end goal in mind.
New Construction
Are you constructing a new commercial or industrial property? Planning and installing an electric system is no easy task. That’s why we’ll make sure your electrical work is installed properly and safely with the most modern, cost-effective features.
Whether you’re planning to remodel your building or need to fix faulty electrical wiring, our team can help you install and maintain an improved electrical system. Our electric remodeling services are customized to upgrade your entire system, address unsafe and improper wiring, and help you extend the lifetime of your investment.
Preventative Maintenance
Preventative maintenance work includes infrared imaging, equipment exercising, and energy audits. These are all essential to efficient facility upkeep. Electric Plus can aid in implementing a long-term plan to maintain reliability and sustainability.
We design/build, install, upgrade, and service low voltage systems, network wiring, and cabling. Whether we’re working on alarms, monitors, temperature control, or low voltage lighting, our systems team can improve the efficiency and safety of all your systems. Our on-staff RCDD can design and certify any of your projects.
Building Information Modeling (BIM)
We utilize building information modeling (BIM). This technology creates a virtual model of your project. We’re then able to zoom in on the most intricate details of your project and identify challenges to your electric system. Not only can we gather data for wiring and system specifications with BIM; the technology can also facilitate simulations that allow us to predict and optimize your electric system’s performance.
Temperature Control
Temperature control is vital to the comfort and safety of a building, its contents, and inhabitants. Improper temperature control can compromise your daily operations, your products and services, and the safety of you and your workers. Unfortunately, temperature control can be challenging in older buildings or with outdated systems, especially in a seasonal climate like Indiana’s. We specialize in temperature control for old and new properties alike. Our goal is to install advanced temperature control equipment that improves and maintains the functionality of your system, and helps you regain control of your building’s air quality.
Large-scale electrical installations require a high degree of experience and training. Our team will deliver thorough, quality results from the assessment phase to the installation of your building’s new electric system. We’ll design an electric system that works with your floor plan and addresses your building’s needs and intricacies, helping you optimize your budget.
Trimble software and technology streamlines the estimate, design, and construction phases of your electrical project. We utilize Trimble simultaneously with BIM technology to deliver custom, results-driven solutions. Trimble allows our electrical contractors to collaborate and coordinate every phase of your project from start to finish. We’ll detail all areas and components of your electrical system, plan and build your prefabricated materials, and minimize interferences in the construction process.
Prefabrication can improve installation efficiency and keep your project on schedule. We utilize advanced equipment to assemble higher quality materials, minimize waste, and streamline your project. Our prefabrication department works closely with our project management team to make sure the right parts and materials are made to your exact specifications and arrive at your job site on-time.

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